COP26 Climate Change clean energy clean technology sustainabilityHours of discussions, negotiations, and arguments were exchanged at the COP26 conference to come with one document that will decide the fate of this world. But the real work comes beyond the commitments at COP26. The world is on the cusp of energy transition. But we still have a mountain to climb.

200 countries and World leaders, more than 40,000 participants, 22,274 party delegates and 14,124 observers deliberated for two weeks to come up with one document of agreement at the 26th meeting of the United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP) that ended recently in Glasgow, UK.

After the release of the IPCC report that signaled a ‘Code Red’ for humankind, the COP26 summit was needed to frame a meaningful response to global warming. For all those who do not know what COP26 was, read here.

Smarthelio has been following the COP26 summit since day 1 in anticipation that some major decisions would be taken by World leaders regarding clean energy adoption. It was exciting to see clean energy was high on the agenda of the speakers. Several leaders also addressed the need for innovation and new technologies to meet the Global target of Net Zero Emission by 2050 possible.

We, as a company, feel that due to lack of resources and financial support, the vast impact of Climate Change would be borne by the poor countries. Hence, there is an urgent need for scaling up affordable clean technologies to ensure smooth clean energy transition of low and poor income countries.

Climate Change COP26 clean technology

Net Zero emission by 2050 target is still possible through joint efforts of powerful nations, private companies and governments. Making clean energy affordable and investing in innovative climate change focused businesses will help poor nations in energy transition and will also create jobs for millions. SmartHelio is working tirelessly to implement digitization and automation in the clean energy value chain making it affordable for anyone across the globe, creating local jobs and training them in their local languages. In parallel to the strong R&D focused deep-tech solutions, we also want to build an intelligent distributed workforce that can understand and use deep-tech at their fingertips for we believe that clean energy not only needs to be affordable but very convenient to use and maintain.

One of the key concerns raised at the COP26 was the need to promote advanced clean technologies that could help achieve the zero emission target. It was inspiring to see leaders advocating for the need to scale up carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects, long-duration energy storage systems. Being a young and global company, we envision to lead the revolution to make clean technologies affordable and efficient enough for the masses to conveniently make a green choice and increase their standard of living.

SmartHelio has been recognized as one of the top 10 Swiss startups that is providing the most innovative climate change solutions. Keeping digitization and automation at our core, our solution helps solar energy assets live longer with minimal manual interventions. And enthused by the actions promised at the COP26 summit, we envision to become “The Brain of Clean Energy”. Our effort towards this vision is directed by the goal to reduce the e-waste and promote recycling for a sustainable circular economy. Thus making investment in this sector beneficial for all stakeholders of the industry and the society at large.

COP26 Clean Technologies Climate Change solar energy sustainable energy