Meet SmartHelio Team at REI-Expo 2022

It will be the first-ever event in India, where our team will be giving a LIVE Demonstration of our predictive analytics straight from our test facility. The entire team is excited to showcase our predictive analytics solution, which has already gained traction with major solar developers in the EU and USA. 

For the first-time SmartHelio is exhibiting at Asia’s leading renewable energy event- REI-Expo-2022 going to be held at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida from Sept 28-30th. Our teams from the USA, Europe, and India are visiting India specially for the event where we will be giving a LIVE Demonstration of our predictive analytics straight from our test facility. All this in front of our booth visitors.  After getting huge responses at ISE Germany and RE+ USA, SmartHelio is exhibiting at REI-Expo, Asia’s largest renewable energy event. 

It will be the first-ever event in India, where all our team members including our Data Scientists, PV experts, Resource forecasting and climate modeling scientists, and IoT experts will be present. The entire team is excited to demonstrate LIVE, our predictive analytics solution, which has already gained traction with major solar developers in Europe and the USA.

As the cost of solar panels has dropped, so has the economic support for it, in the form of subsidies. The decline in the cost of solar has led to a lower bidding tariff, year after year. With prices dropping as much as 50 to 80% from 2015 to 2018, the profit margin for solar developers has thinned proportionately. Stuck in a classical case of increased merchant risk, in upcoming years, developers will be forced to trim their expenses on operational activities. Therefore, the need for digitalization and advanced analytics for optimal decision-making will become the priority not only for the developers but also for the financiers. 

To support the global expansion of solar PV, solar financers rely heavily on the accuracy of probabilistic scenarios (e.g., P50, P90, P99 estimates) to structure the terms of energy deals and identify appropriate risk mitigation strategies. Inaccurate estimates significantly increase the risk of default on solar loans as an asset class, meaning the project has the insufficient operating cash flow to meet its debt service obligations. 

Last year’s 2020 Solar Generation Index (SGI) report revealed that solar projects are on average underperforming their target production (P50) estimates by 6.3%, which can amount to a loss of USD 3000 per MW. Allowing these risks to go unchecked harms the investment returns and ultimately damages the industry’s collective credibility. It is now more important than ever for financers, sponsors, insurers, consultants, lawyers, and engineers to reflect on our current trajectory and to build new solutions to manage these emergent risks. Over the past few years, the importance of O&M has also penetrated the financial sector and investors have started to demand confidence that their investment would be safe for the long term. This has further enabled the fast development and deployment of advanced APM solutions like SmartHelio. 

SmartHelio has developed a profile-agnostic analytics & automation software for solar photovoltaic assets that can generate diagnostic, prognostic, and prescriptive insights for the solar PV stakeholders (O&M Teams, Asset & Portfolio Managers, CXOs, Investors, and OEMs) in real-time. SmartHelio is deploying AI on Edge devices to reduce the cost of data collection, storage, and processing without compromising the quality of analytics services. 

This will empower energy developers and managers to maintain their renewable energy assets consistently at a high-performance level with minimum human intervention. Early adopters in Europe have proven that our technology is well suited to Northern installations, and our experience in India shows that we are especially appropriate for sun-wealthy countries that will be striving to expand their energy infrastructure as part of their development and carbon mitigation strategies for the upcoming decades. 

In the future and with its ongoing efforts, we as a company want to establish a digitalized, federated, democratized, and distributed computational ecosystem in the energy industry. At REI-Expo, we will be showcasing some of our capabilities through LIVE demonstrations of our powerful analytics and automation services. Therefore, we invite all clean-tech enthusiasts and visionaries to visit our booth at the mega event in India.

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