March 3, 2022

This entire month you can ask us anything!

For the first time, we are doing exclusive AMA sessions on our newly launched tools

After the successful launch of our four analytics tools, SmartHelio conducted two product showcase sessions with solar industry experts from Europe, Asia and USA. The response to the product showcase events have been overwhelming for our team. Hence, we have decided to dedicate this entire month for our industry friends to know more about our newly launched analytics tools. As a part of this initiative you can book an exclusive Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with us every Wednesday & Friday, 1300 CET/ 5.30 PM IST. During the 45 minutes session, you can ask us anything on the four real-time analytics tools:

  • Data Automation Service: Clean millions of data points within seconds. 99% pure data for better accuracy.
  • GHI Forecasting Service: In-house developed Dynamic Climatic Modelling. 98% accuracy for any plant across the globe.
  • Dynamic Cleaning Schedule: Real-time prediction of when and where to clean. Clean to achieve maximum profitability.
  • PV Panel Analytics: Eliminate the use of drones & equipment for one time surveys. Eliminate the use of drone and equipment for one-time survey

It is time to put an end to all your solar asset management problems. Simply plug in your data into our HelioCloud platform and see the magic. Here is what you get:

  • 80% faster fault localisation.
  • 30% reduced O&M expenses
  • 10% more solar production

Experience the most effective and convenient real-time data analytics technology for solar plants.

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