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TATA Power Solar

The solar industry is evolving fast. Extracting maximum benefit during the O&M phase is the key challenge for its sustainability. Industry’s pressing issues like optimum cleaning cycles to minimize water usage and in-situ module degradation estimation for insurance claims need precise measurements of module parameters during operations.

SmartHelio comes to the rescue for all these. Their deep-domain understanding through hundreds of installed sensors and the research-oriented teams makes them doctors of on-ground solar power plant issues.

Energie 360°

The analysis of SmartHelio provided insights into the solar plant, previously not available at all, or if, only with an onsite inspection. Thus they allow adjusting the inspection and maintenance routine of solar plants in a more efficient manner.


We believe SmartHelio distinguishes itself from others. Thanks to their very promising tool to detect, analyze losses and allocate them into categories, therefore increasing systems’ reliability.

Such a solution definitely impacts the clean energy industry: quicker detection of issues means less stress on other parts and enhancing lifetime, less waste and therefore saving resources.

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