Predictive Maintenance. Physics-informed AI. Solar Plant. Machine Learning.

Global Clients: Solar Developers, O&M, IPPs and EPC.

Detection & Prescription

Boost Your Plant's Performance

Plug in Autopilot into existing SCADA or CMS platform, fetch data and process it with physics informed AI algorithms to get real-time faults results pushed back to your platform.

Onboarding & Integration

Leverage Your Existing Data

Our seamless integration process involves connecting to your current infrastructure, including SCADA or other monitoring platforms. With just a few clicks, our AI-powered onboarding process begins, allowing us to quickly optimize your plant’s performance by analyzing its data.

Physics-informed AI models

Boost Your Data Quality

Our cutting-edge algorithms rely on AI technology that incorporates physics and pattern recognition. This enables us to analyze data with minimal datasets and just two parameters, Voltage and Current, ensuring accurate and efficient results.

Smart Reinforcement

Learning From Your Feedback

Autopilot provides you access to the identified fault patterns for your review, full transparency. This empowers you to confidently assign faults and provide additional solution recommendations for your O&M teams. The ground teams can easily share their feedback, ensuring efficient and effective decision-making

Our Impact

The Difference We Create

We have surpassed our competition, empowering you to triumph over yours.


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