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Pattern recognition technology developed over 15 years of Swiss R&D

Deep-data analytics and decision-making tools for smart solar assets management, financials & business insights for maximized outputs.

Algorithms successfully tested and validated on real solar PV data sets. Research-backed deep-data analytics and decision-making tools for smart solar asset management.

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Physics-based fault detection algorithms

Decades of R&D and field experience in solar energy systems

Identifies patterns of each fault on V, I & T

Uses AI/ML for more precise and faster fault diagnosis

What does physics-informed AI models mean and how to leverage it for solar industry?

Autopilot software solution harnesses the synergy of physics-informed AI models, addressing the limitations of AI (dependency on labeled data) and physics-based approaches in terms of predictive capabilities.

By integrating physical principles with machine learning, our technology achieves accurate analysis with minimal data requirements (90% less data than usual AI), providing highly scalable results within day 1 due to understanding of the physics behind the system. Experience the power of our tech-driven approach in optimising energy generation and revolutionising the solar industry’s data-driven landscape.

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Our IoT devices follow the certification standards of IEC (IEC 60950-1)

We have been certified by Bureau of Indian Standards