Our technology

Pattern recognition technology developed over 15 years of Swiss R&D

Deep-data analytics and decision-making tools for smart solar assets management, financials & business insights for maximized outputs.

Algorithms successfully tested and validated on real solar PV data sets. Research-backed deep-data analytics and decision-making tools for smart solar asset management.

Physics-based fault detection algorithms

Decades of R&D and field experience in solar energy systems

Identifies patterns of each fault on V, I & T

Uses AI/ML for more precise and faster fault diagnosis


Real-time fault detection software

Real-time deep-data analytics to automate fault diagnosis, prediction, and prescription of actions. With no need for additional hardware, our technology empowers the existing data with API Intelligence.

Algorithms easily integrate with any data stream; SCADA or Any monitoring portal (3rd party or in-house developed)

Empowers your monitoring platform with advanced level analytics

Decouples and localizes faults & prescribe actions in real-time to ensure optimal plant performance

Predicts faults and forecasts the impact of existing problems on plant production

Our Research Partners

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Our IoT devices follow the certification standards of IEC (IEC 60950-1)

We have been certified by Bureau of Indian Standards