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The planet warms up and so does Smarthelio. The “doctors of solar plants” got selected by Verbund x Accelerator Program 2022 to collaborate with the Austrian utility, thanks to their plug-and-play solution that can be integrated into any solar system and generate up to 5% more clean energy. A mission with a common objective: to gain speed in the transition to a green global future.


easy to integrate solution to generate 5% more clean energy.


A program for a faster transition

Verbund x Accelerator is a program created by the biggest Austrian utility to implement and adapt solutions to their own system for a more sustainable future. As a part of its 3rd cohort, SmartHelio stood as the winner in the category of “Advanced data analytics for solar PV plants” because of their state-of-the-art fault detection and predictive software solution, a result of more than 10 years of R&D in Swiss institutes. SmartHelio’s unique pattern recognition technology perfectly matched the requirement of the problem statement of Verbund, who needed universal and easy-to-scale algorithms to support their exponential solar growth.

The event that took place last October in Vienna, Austria, has brought together the principal actors of the European sustainable scene. Industry leaders and startups collaborated to create new solutions to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.


The companies realized that to bring innovation in their century-old businesses, they need to team up with young and dynamic companies who could take risks and work at speed”                                                                          — Shankaransh Srivastava, SmartHelio’s VP of Marketing


The team speaks

The Innovation camp has been one of those kinds of experiences for the Smarthelio team. Alignment of vision is essential to any partnership for a long-term relationship. Big and young companies need to work together to get down to the real problem (either in the present or in the foreseeable future) —explains Shankaransh Srivastava.

The seven startups from different fields who got selected for the finals could learn about each other’s journey and about what innovation their solution brings. On top of so many like-minded people who had gathered at this 3 days event, they got an opportunity to directly work with the companies seeking solutions.

Verbund integrates Smarthelio's solution into their solar installations in Spain

Overall it was a lot of hard work, long hours but we ended each day socializing with one another which was very refreshing”

New horizons

Whataventure (who helped to organize the event) would work in sync with Smarthelio and Verbund to ensure that the project is always aligned with its clear objective; increase energy systems’ performance. Both teams will work together over the next 5 months as per the milestones decided during the event. Their solution’s impact would be assessed by Verbund’s team with a vision to ultimately integrate their solution at the portfolio level.

In the context of energy crisis in Europe and after witnessing the consequences of war when it comes to energy supply, not only organizations but also citizens start to realize that energy independence via green energies is needed, and most of all, it has to come faster.


Smarthelio is selected by austrian utility Verbund


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