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Real-time PV Panel analytics

Enhance your inverter & string-level data insights for solar asset management with real-time PV panel analytics.


You might have seen data at a panel-level in real-time, but have you seen panel-level analytics in real-time

As solar companies are expanding their portfolio, there is a pressing need for module-level data for better management of solar PV systems. In such a scenario, only inverter-level data and string-level data is not sufficient for deep data analytics. You need granular level data that can help you diagnose and predict faults in real-time. Our real-time panel level analytics eliminates the need for manual intervention and adds unforeseen value to drone and equipment surveys. Now companies can diagnose and predict the fault at the initial stage of module underperformance. Thus, saving money, time and energy.

Over the past 2 years, our panel-level analytics has helped solar companies to identify and predict PID losses, module degradation, module mismatch, module tilt issues, cell cracks, and many more. Here are a few important use cases, based on our IoT device, that helped our client save more than 30% on O&M expenses and 8% higher energy production. 

  1. Missing inverter data: Using AI and ML algorithms we predict missing inverter data with 99% accuracy. 
  2. Pyranometer data accuracy: Validates the accuracy of pyranometer data. 
  3. PV module degradation rate: Use our root cause analysis to identify, predict and compare faults like cell cracks, soiling pattern, wire losses, hot spots, connector faults etc. 
  4. Compare different PV modules: Compare the performance of different module manufacturers and performance of the modules in different geographies.

Our newly launched PV Panel analytics tool focuses on IoT technology and ML algorithms. We use this technology to provide module-level insights in real-time on any type of solar module. Companies can further enhance their R&D or analytics effort using our module-level raw data,” Sourabh Maladharee, Product Development Head.

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