Supercharge Your Solar Business with SmartHelio: Driving Impact and Growth with Predictive Analytics

In today’s booming solar energy sector, maintaining efficiency and reliability is crucial. SmartHelio’s Autopilot software is revolutionizing solar asset management, driving significant business growth through advanced predictive analytics and automation tools.

Unleashing Efficiency and Business Growth

SmartHelio’s Autopilot software addresses critical industry challenges, delivering remarkable impacts:

🤖 Fault Automation: Previously manually identified faults by the client are now automated, with over 20 fault types automatically detected and resolved promptly.

💰 Performance Gains: 10% increase in solar asset performance.

📉 Recoverable Losses: 31% recoverable, 65% avoidable.

📈 Accuracy: Achieved 100% fault detection accuracy  within four months.

⏳ Resolution Time: Reduced average fault resolution to half a day, a fourfold improvement.

🏎️ Onboarding Speed: Reduced plant onboarding time from two days to just one minute with quality data.

“We significantly reduced the time from problem detection to resolution, improving operational efficiency and ensuring reliable power supply”

Jasper Graf von Hardenberg, CEO of Daystar Power Group

Impact created by Faster Fault Detecton

Our system provides speed, allowing us to fix issues faster and optimize resources effectively

Govinda Upadhyay, CEO of SmartHelio

Resolution Time per Plant Over Time

Resolution Time Per Plant Over Time with Trend line

Improved Fault Detection Accuracy Using Feedback Loop

Improved fault detection accuracy using feedback loop

Real-World Success: Daystar Power’s Experience

Daystar Power, part of Shell group, operating numerous solar plants across Africa, exemplifies the transformative impact of SmartHelio. With SmartHelio’s solutions, Daystar has drastically reduced fault detection and resolution times by 4 times, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring a reliable power supply while increasing solar portfolio production by 8%. This success story underscores the business growth potential facilitated by SmartHelio’s innovative tools.

Jasper Graf von Hardenberg, CEO of Daystar Power:“SmartHelio’s tools are a game-changer, and integrating them into our operations has been a pivotal step in our growth strategy.”

Case Study: Tackling Load Shedding and Grid Curtailment

Daystar Power faced significant load shedding and grid curtailment issues, which were previously hard to quantify. With SmartHelio, they could precisely measure these issues and explore energy storage solutions to mitigate them. This has also enabled Daystar to:

  • Develop new revenue models, such as insurance and production guarantees, leveraging their ability to fix faults faster.
  • Evaluate and select the best OEMs for inverters and panels based on efficiency and performance insights provided by SmartHelio.

Jasper Graf von Hardenberg, CEO of Daystar Power:“The insights we gained from SmartHelio about OEM performance were invaluable. It allowed us to make informed decisions and optimize our operations.”

Overcoming Implementation Challenges

Implementing SmartHelio’s solutions does come with its challenges. Jasper emphasizes the importance of addressing data quality and cultural shifts within the organization: “Data quality is paramount. Ensuring accurate and comprehensive data is the foundation for effective predictive analytics. Additionally, fostering a culture that embraces transparency and fast decision-making is crucial. Companies should focus on their core expertise and avoid the temptation to become software developers themselves. Quick and decisive action following a pilot phase is essential for reaping the benefits of such advanced solutions.”

Data Sanitation Process by SmartHelio

Exploring New Business Opportunities

Access to SmartHelio’s advanced analytics has opened up new business opportunities for Daystar Power. By leveraging detailed insights and predictive maintenance capabilities, Daystar is exploring innovative business models and expanding its service offerings.

Jasper Graf von Hardenberg, CEO of Daystar Power:“With SmartHelio, we are now able to explore new business models, optimize our resource allocation, and expand our service offerings to include more proactive maintenance and advanced analytics services for our clients.”

Solar Farm Fires Are Now Common

With climate change causing prolonged heating and drying of vegetation, the risk of solar farm fires has significantly increased. These fires, often sparked by minor faults, can lead to massive damage. SmartHelio’s predictive analytics play a crucial role in enhancing safety by identifying potential fire hazards early and allowing for prompt intervention.

Govinda, CEO of SmartHelio:“The ability to detect anomalies early and prevent them from escalating into major faults is critical in preventing fires and ensuring the safety of solar farms.”

Future Innovations

Looking ahead, SmartHelio is focusing on storage and energy dispatch. These innovations will soon be revealed, aiming to enhance decision-making for better energy dispatch to the grid or end users.

Govinda, CEO of SmartHelio:“We believe that innovation should ultimately help us make better decisions when dispatching energy to the grid or the end user.”

The Urgency to Act Now

The solar energy landscape is rapidly evolving, and the need for efficient, reliable, and innovative solutions has never been more urgent. SmartHelio’s Autopilot software offers a transformative approach to solar asset management, providing the tools necessary to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your solar business with SmartHelio’s groundbreaking solutions. Explore the tools developed by SmartHelio today and take your solar asset management to the next level. Visit SmartHelio to learn more and book a demo.


SmartHelio’s advanced predictive analytics and automation tools are not just enhancing operational efficiency but are also crucial in driving business growth and future-proofing solar asset management. As the demand for solar energy continues to grow, SmartHelio’s innovative approach will be indispensable for effective and sustainable solar asset management.