Predict solar irradiance with 98% accuracy for any kind of solar plant across the globe.

SmartHelio’s HelioCloud GHI Forecast service is aimed to assist solar asset managers, banks and the like to obtain accurate predictions of global horizontal irradiance for any location in the world. 

What is Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI)?

Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI), the electromagnetic spectrum obtained from the sun is the direct form of abundant energy resource that fuels many processes on the Earth. Although the sun emits a nearly constant amount of radiation (solar constant = 1361.1 W m-2), we experience considerable temporal and spatial variation in the solar radiation received on the Earth’s surface. Because of this, it becomes important to have a reasonably accurate knowledge on the availability and variability of GHI. 

Why is accurate GHI Forecasting important for solar plants?

Today, solar irradiance forecasting receives unprecedented attention from various scientific communities. This is because of the importance of forecasting the variability of solar power for their grid integration, which constitutes a major challenge to a successful transformation of the conventional fossil fuel-based energy sector into a 100% renewable one. 

Current challenges of GHI forecasting

It turns out, however, that current solutions lack localization of the forecasts. Additionally, such solutions do not also discuss the potential changes in GHI under the umbrella of climate change. But long-term radiation magnitudes recorded over different places proves that GHI undergoes substantial multi-decadal variations, which should be considered in solar resource assessments.

SmartHelio’s HelioCloud GHI Forecast service

SmartHelio’s HelioCloud GHI Forecast service predicts solar irradiation for any location in the world. To this end, it employs cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithms along with custom functions to generate insights from historical data that help reduce uncertainty in estimating global horizontal irradiance. 

Furthermore, our algorithms take into account key influencing factors such as:

  • The micro-climate of the location (surface roughness, NDVI, aerosol, etc.),
  • Global climatic phenomena (ENSO, NAO, etc.), 
  • Climate Change (IPCC RCP Scenarios), and
  • Human factors such as pollution, urbanisation, etc. 

This helps us to achieve long-term forecasting accuracy up to 98%.

We believe that with HelioCloud GHI forecast, solar irradiation forecasting can be reinterpreted from a strenuous task into an effortless and user friendly process whose accuracy can be estimated with greater confidence. 

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