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Increase Production Output while Reducing Maintenance Expenses

Root Cause Analysis

Real-time, fully automated root cause analysis of under-performance.

Predict Failures

Prediction of equipment failure and future faults to minimize downtime.

Resource Optimization

Directly prescribe actions to optimize maintenance time & cost.

Maximize ROI

De-risking the investment for CXOs using business intelligence reports.

Our Impact

The Difference We Create


Increase your plant’s bankability and financial reliability


Utility-Scale plants: Up to 3% performance increase


C&I Rooftop plants: Up to 10% performance increase


Up to 30% reduction in O&M and CAPEX cost

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Our technology

Award-winning Swiss Technology for Any Size of PV Asset


Empowers data collection and visualization with real-time analytics.


Physics-based algorithms analyze real-time data from your SCADA/CMS

Easy to Use

Works as a plugin for your monitoring dashboard.


World’s first sensor providing panel-level analytics.

Plug & Play

Award-winning IoT sensor attaches to any solar panel.

Edge Computing

Detects anomalies in a panel’s performance

Govinda Upadhyay, CEO & Founder

“I have always been very environmentally conscious. My journey with my first start-up (a solar ed-tech) exposed me to the ground realities of solar PV systems across the globe. The amount of lost potential in the next five to ten years, and the e-waste that the solar industry will generate, was very alarming to me. Solar plants are getting sick and we need an affordable solution to diagnose them.”

Govinda was included in the Forbes 30under30 list for his dedicated work in the energy domain. He also received the prestigious Swiss Ambassador award 2018 for his work in Education. He graduated from BITS Pilani, India, and did his Masters in Sustainable Technology from TU Eindhoven and KTH Sweden. He went on to pursue research in climate science and renewable from EPFL, Switzerland. He was conferred with the European Innovation and Technology (EU) Change Award.

Our team

A Global and Diverse Team of PhDs, Researchers and Industry Experts

Environmentally conscious individuals who have firm faith that renewable energy can easily meet our planet's entire energy demand. We have come together to enable this energy transition using deep-tech.

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A truly global team representing 8+ Nationalitites.


A team empowered by women in Technology.

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