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PV Panel analytics

A solar PV system is based on a simple mechanism that converts sunlight into energy. However, the process is not as simple as it seems. Some of the incident energy falling on a solar panel is reflected and some other is dissipated as heat, causing the PV module to operate at a higher temperature rather than at ambient temperature. This rise in temperature of the solar PV modules can affect the energy production and overall performance of your solar plant.

The aim of our research was to study the sensitivity of the PV Modules towards rising temperature that negatively impacts the electrical conversion efficiency of a PV module and thus overall performance of the plant.

During our research to determine a PV module’s sensitivity towards the rising PV module temperature, we compared the thermal coefficients specified by the PV module manufacturer in the specification sheet with the thermal coefficients calculated by SmartHelio’s team.

Our team through rigorous research and validation developed a PV Panel Analytics Tool that provides access to real-time sophisticated analytics such as thermal coefficients and PV module degradation to its subscribers, by accessing the real-time raw data with a precision of seconds collected by our IoT devices. Our tool also helps your procurement team to find the most profitable PV module technology for your plant by comparing different technologies for multiple locations.

Read more about our research, Click on the download button below to download our research paper ‘Validating Thermal Coefficients in Outdoor Conditions’

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